SAWD has completed over 100 projects. The few featured here include old and new, highlighting developments over nearly 20 years. They represent a diversity of clientele, scope, style and function.

Today's coding standards allow extraordinary possibilities. Just let me know what you're looking for.

No Limits

Style is limited only by imagination. We can start from scratch with your objectives, or if you've already seen a site you like - any site - SAWD can emulate that style in a web presence custom-built for you.

Location is no obstacle either. SAWD currently has clients in Australia, Finland, France, New Zealand and the United States.

Expat Finland

A large reference site about living in Finland. My 'pet project', Expat Finland receives about 1200 visitors per day. It has undergone several upgrades since its inception in 2004, the most important being implementation of responsive web design to cater for increasing mobile traffic.

Task: Brand & Website Design

Years: 2004-present
Challenge: 'Extreme' Search Engine Optimisation, regularly updated in accordance with Google best practices. Expat Finland appears on page one, position one for numerous searches in English related to Finland.

Jasecon, Finland

This Vantaa accounting firm ordered a very Finnish style; direct and no nonsense! It was pared down to 'bare bones' during development.

The site has Finnish and English versions, and employs responsive web design.

Task: Brand & Website Design

Year: 2014
Challenge: Create a modern corporate look for a site which is essentially just text - and there's not a lot of that!

Aussie Bar, Finland

The first of these now infamous Aussie themed bars opened in Helsinki in 2006, and SAWD was proud to be given the job of launching it on the web.

Aussie Bar now has 4 locations in Finland and plans to expand abroad.

Task: Website Design

Year: 2006
Challenge: Give the site a distinctly Australian, fun look. I started with a colour palette inspired by 'the bush'. Next, add a keg and some blokes having a beer in a shed...

Diamond Beer, Finland

Independent importer and distributor of specialist and craft beers and ciders from all over the world for Finland's bars, restaurants, night clubs, hotels, supermarkets and the national alcohol retailer Alko.

Task: Website Design

Year: 2007
Challenge: Create a "warm and welcoming" site with the supplied ice-blue diamond logo.

Bars & Restaurants, Finland

Zetor is a Helsinki landmark. The zany "tractor drivers' restaurant" opened in 1991 and is popular with Finns and tourists alike. SAWD made and ran the website until production moved in-house in 2007.

Parnell's was my local bar for over 10 years. I made the website as a present for the staff - and so I could find the opening hours.

Task: Website Design

Years: 2000's
Challenge: Create websites which radiated the unique atmospheres of these establishments.

MJA Rakentaa, Finland

This successful Helsinki building and renovation firm was also the contractor for a Finnish home improvement TV programme.

The founder is now happily building Finnish saunas in Antibes, France!

Task: Brand & Website Design

Year: 2011
Challenge: Create a fresh, modern look for the website and print media. I chose a magazine-style layout, inspired by glossy home improvement publications.

Ministry for Foreign Affairs

SAWD was born in New York in 1997 when I was commissioned to build a website for the Permanent Mission of Finland to the United Nations.

In 2000 the site was used as a template for the Embassy of Finland, Dar es Salaam.

Task: Website Design

Years: 1997 & 2000
Challenge: Everything! I was new to web design, and the Internet was still in its infancy. Coding was pure HTML3, by hand.

United Nations, Tanzania

In Dar es Salaam I was commissioned to design several United Nations sites; the Guide to the United Nations, The United Nations Development Programme, and the United Nations Capital Development Fund.

Task: Website Design

Years: 2000-2001
Challenge: To build attractive but super-optimised sites with reasonable load times on the slow, erratic telecommunications network.